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Operational Map Brazil

Property, plants and equipment

ArcelorMittal's Brazil segment has production facilities in South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. The following table sets forth key items of information regarding ArcelorMittal’s principal production locations and production units in the Brazil segment:

Unit Country Locations Type of Plant Products Production in 2015 (in million tonnes)2
Sol Brazil Vitoria Coke-Making Coke n/a
ArcelorMittal Tubarão Brazil Vitoria Integrated Flat 6.8
ArcelorMittal Vega Brazil São Francisco do Sul Downstream Flat n/a
ArcelorMittal Point Lisas1 Trinidad and Tobago Point Lisas Mini-mill Long/Wire Rod 0.3
ArcelorMittal Brasil Brazil João Monlevade Integrated Long/Wire Rod 1.2
Acindar Argentina Villa Constitucion Mini-mill Long/Wire Rod, Bar 1.4
ArcelorMittal Brasil Brazil Juiz de Fora, Piracicaba, Cariacica, Mini-mill Long/Bar, Wire Rod 2
ArcelorMittal Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica Downstream Long/Wire Rod n/a
Industrias Unicon Venezuela Barquisimeto, Matanzas, La Victoria Downstream Pipes and Tubes n/a

1 The facility is currently idled.

2 Note: n/a = not applicable (no crude steel production).

Production facilities