About this review

Developments in our reporting

Our reporting needs to evolve to reflect the fact that our 10 outcomes are becoming increasingly embedded across the business. It also needs to remain fair, balanced and understandable. This annual review brings together key elements of our financial reporting with reporting against our 10 sustainable development (SD) outcomes. It draws on some elements of integrated reporting indicated by the International Integrated Reporting Council, but it is merely the first step on our journey towards integrated reporting, rather than being an integrated report in itself.

This review is aimed at all the audiences who would previously have read our annual review and our sustainable development report. It may not include the level of detail of either financial or non-financial reporting that stakeholders have been used to in the past, which is why we have included clear links to the 20-F for detailed financial information, and to the sustainability section of our website where ongoing narrative reporting on our 10 outcomes can be found throughout the year.

It should be noted that we will continue to report against key performance indicators for both financial and non-financial data annually in this review.


We continue to report against the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines across our reporting landscape – including this Annual Review, our ongoing online narrative reporting, and our local sustainability reports - and you can find details in our GRI index. We consider many aspects within the G4 guidelines to be material to our national stakeholders, and most meaningfully reported within our local sustainable development reports, which are also produced in line with the GRI guidelines.

UN Global Compact

We have supported the United Nations Global Compact since 2008. This Annual Review serves as our Communication on Progress of our implementation of the ten UN Global Compact principles.


This is the seventh year that our sustainable development reporting has received independent assurance.

Reporting format

We believe that online reporting is the most practical and efficient way to communicate with the widest number of stakeholders. We provide this website for those who wish to browse online, and we have a pdf download function for each page or section for those who prefer to download, print and read the review offline.

Local reporting against the 10 outcomes

We have for some time aimed to ensure we report to stakeholders meaningfully on the issues that matter to them and to us. Part of delivering this ambition is for our operations to publish local sustainable development reports against the 10 outcomes in line with GRI G4. Almost all of the countries in which we have major operations are already publishing sustainability reports, which can be accessed on our main website.

Irrespective of whether they produce a sustainable development report, this year all countries will publish a leadership message on sustainable development and, where they are demonstrating best practice, highlight a case study of their achievements. This will evolve over time to include local sustainable development performance data.

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