Assurance statement

We believe that independent assurance leads to quality and process improvements, and reassures readers and ArcelorMittal’s management that the information we publish is accurate and material, and therefore contributes to building trust and credibility with key stakeholders.

In 2015 we asked our group auditors, Deloitte Audit, to provide limited assurance on the following sustainability performance indicators, in accordance with the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s International Standard on Assurance Engagements –Revised (ISAE3000 Revised):

  • CO2e emissions per tonne of steel
  • CO2e emissions (steel)
  • Primary energy consumption (steel).

For the past seven years, we have sought external assurance on our lost-time injury frequency rate and incorporated feedback from our assurers to strengthen our systems over this time. In 2015, in order to maximise the value from the assurance process, we decided to ask our own internal assurance team to assure our lost-time injury frequency rate data.

Deloitte Audit provides an independent third-party assurance statement. This assurance covers the specified data as contained in the Factbook and the SD performance page of our website.

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